Learn My Proven 6-Part System To Write Your Book in 90-Days (or less!) and Change The World With Your Words



Do you have a message you know would help humanity, but you’re too afraid to share it? Maybe the timing doesn’t feel right, or maybe you just have no idea where to start so you do nothing at all. Meanwhile, the rest of us are waiting for the magic you’re holding inside, begging for answers so we can finally have the tools necessary to transform our lives and show up better for ourselves and the world around us. 

I know that times are uncertain right now, and it may feel like writing your book is not that important. But the truth is, we need your voice NOW more than ever before. Given our current global environment, indecision and delay could actually be a huge detriment to society. Think about it. What if your words are the thing that serves to help even one person? Now imagine helping hundreds… thousands… millions of people simply because you got out of your own way and believed it was possible to make a difference right now, regardless of the challenging times we’re all facing.

I am here to tell you that not only is it possible, it’s certain because that fire in your belly to do this work is not by accident.

If any of that sounds like you, know that you’re not alone. I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken to brilliant, capable, inspiring souls (just like you!) that know they have the medicine the world is craving, yet they’re stuck. Whether it’s a fear of showing up, being seen, or finally using your voice, doing something you’ve never done can be downright terrifying and totally confusing!

As a professional writer for over a decade with multiple ghostwritten books under my belt (including work published with Hay House, Inc.™), and thousands of lives changed in the process, I have been asked how to write a book that makes a difference more times than I can count! 

I would love to say it’s as easy as “just write!” And while that’s definitely a place to start for some, for the most part, having accountability and/or a solid plan to follow can radically change the game and light a fire under your ass to finally WRITE YOUR DAMN BOOK and use your experiences and wisdom to change the world!

Imagine this. 

Instead of hiring someone to help you make your dream of becoming an author a reality, you spend countless hours writing, deleting, and repeating the process, never getting your words out there and wishing things were different. You get to the end of your life only to realize that you are about to leave this physical experience and you never did the ONE thing you always wanted to do - write a book. Not because you weren’t capable, nope. But because you were too scared to be brave with your life.

Ugh. That’s a hard pill to swallow. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Lemme ask you this: How much is your time worth? How long are you willing to silence that little voice inside that’s asking you to show up? How many lives are missing out on the message you’re holding hostage? How much more time are you willing to waste ignoring your calling and letting your ego ride shotgun?

It’s time to get out of your own way, game-changer. It’s time to be courageous and build a bridge for others to safely cross with you as their guide. 

I get it, not everyone is ready to invest in a mentor, let alone a ghostwriter. I mean, we’re talking about an investment that begins at $50k+ to hire someone like me to write your book for you (that’s what a ghostwriter does, in case that’s a new term for you). The investment for coaching is much less, however, not everyone is ready or willing to dedicate the time to meet with me every week and do the work together. That’s okay!

But that’s not a good reason to put baby in a corner. And by baby I mean, the non-existent book you want to write but keep putting off for one reason or another.


Listen up, you’ve got a calling. We all do! But procrastination doesn’t change lives, my love. So if you’re clear you’re here to make waves and impact the planet with your message, I want to encourage you to stop playing small and step into your power. 

Dreams aren’t free. So if you think waiting will make the time it takes to write your book any less, or the money side of things disappear, I’ve got some pretty disheartening news for you.

It ain’t gonna happen.

And the longer you wait, the more people are going to suffer, yourself included, simply because you chose to play it safe in a world begging you to take some risks and help change the planet for good. 

So if you are finally ready to throw your excuses out the window and make the difference you came here to make, I created a solution to your book writing woes - one that I am confident you are gonna LOVE. 

Drumrollllllllllll please… 

The Storyteller’s System is my 6-part online course designed to guide aspiring authors (LIKE YOU!) through the exact steps I use with my clients to finally write the book on your heart so you can impact the world.

If you know you wanna write a book but you aren’t ready to invest in 1:1 coaching or hiring a ghostwriter to make it happen, The Storyteller's System is PERFECT for you! 

Who is The Storytellers System for?

  • You are on fire to create a positive impact in the world
  • You are willing and excited to do what it takes to make your dream of becoming an author a reality
  • You are committed to breaking through your fears
  • You have a message to inspire humanity 
  • You have knowledge you know will support others on this human walk
  • You want to increase your authority and credibility to boost your impact + income
  • You are determined to leave a legacy bigger than yourself

Who is The Storytellers System NOT for?

  • You’re unwilling to lean into the fear and make shit happen
  • You don’t care about humanity, or making an impact
  • You don’t really want to write a book, you just feel like you’re supposed to
  • You’re just looking to make a quick buck
  • You want to feed your ego more than you want to lead with love 
  • You're unwilling to invest the time and money necessary to make your dreams come true

What’s included?

  • My entire system to write a book, start to finish (30 trainings > 6 modules with 5 lessons each + bonus materials and personal resources to market and publish your manuscript once it’s done)
  • Lots of juicy video content 
  • 89 page workbook + writing exercises for every lesson
  • Mindset training, writing prompts, marketing tips, best practices
  • Ability to access the course anytime, anywhere
  • Go at your own pace - this is a 100% DIY program, which I have outlined so you can follow along with clarity and ease
  • BONUS: eBook - Creating Your Sacred Writing Space 
  • BONUS: eBook - A 3-Step Framework to Create Your Book Outline

Let’s break it down even further:


Module 1: Courage is designed to set you up to WIN from the get go! We are going to dive into anything holding you back, get honest about your current mindset, learn how to breakthrough the noise keeping you stuck, and find a WHY that makes you cry (the famous words from my client and dear friend, Drew Canole) so you can finally step into your calling and be brave with your life.

Module 2: Clarity is designed to do exactly what it promises, have you walking away with massive clarity around who this book is for, what it’s about, your authority on the subject, your specific genre/niche and give you a quick pep talk about the real deal on having a marketing budget when the time comes. 

Module 3: Commitment is designed to clear the clutter, throw away your excuses and make room for this book baby of yours to be born! It’s time to put your WHY where your mouth is, and show up to serve. We all know how easy it is to talk about it, but this module is all about integrity and walking the mutha f*ckin’ walk! I’ll share tips to breakthrough writer’s block, and take you on a journey to connect to your personal power when the goin’ gets tough (because it will, but you have what it takes to persevere). 

Module 4: Creation is designed to outline the goods! This includes creating a solid book outline, mastering your HOOK, mapping the moments that leave your audience wanting more, chapter names as well as brainstorming book titles and subtitles that make your audience swoon! 

Module 5: Consistency is designed to make you a time management wizard! If you don’t know what you’re working towards, it’s pretty hard to succeed. Am I right? Procrastination is the killer of dreams, and the killer of the impact you’re here to make. We will create a plan of action that has you feeling empowered, and able to follow through and get your messy 1st draft done!

Module 6: Celebration + Next Steps is designed to show you what happens after you’ve crafted your masterpiece. I mean, writing is one thing and it’s cool, but you know what’s even more awesome? Actually seeing it for sale, having people reading it and hearing about the lives your message has helped transform. And psst, if you think you can do this all on your own… well, you might be right. If you’re a magical unicorn, that is. But chances are, you’re gonna need some support, so I have some resources for you to check out on your way to celebrating your success and becoming a published Author, whether for the 1st or 100th time!

And that’s not all.


See what some of my rockstar clients are saying…


Unlike most writers I’ve worked with, Sheree has this superpower to easily create in the voice of her client. She has the ability to interview her clients in an intellectual, emotionally intelligent, spiritual way that is uncanny in the writer’s world. I’ve hired hundreds of copywriters in my time and Sheree is definitely a people person and has a cool, fun personality that meshes well with different audiences. She’s able to understand what people want in order to connect and gain their trust through her writing. Her style of writing is captivating and inspires people to take action, whether choosing a new diet, fitness plan, way of thinking or persuading them to join a mission, a movement, whatever it may be.

I’ve had so much fun working with Sheree on projects over the years to change people’s lives. From the creation of my latest book, You Be You, to eBooks on health and mindset, as well as hundreds of video scripts written for YouTube - no matter what she does, she brings her bright light.

What comes to mind when I think of Sheree is TRUST. I always know that Sheree is going to give me a final product that I can trust will get me the results I want. Thanks, Sheree! - Drew Canole, Co-Founder, Organifi 



I can’t say enough about working with Sheree. She made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and it was like I entered a flow state when we worked together where I got to sit back, tap into myself and let my book come pouring out rather than aching and striving and trying to write it. She made me feel confident because of her experience writing books and content for others… I felt like she really got me. 

For anyone that has a book that means the world to them, you want to be in the hands of someone that cares just as much about your book as you do and Sheree, in my experience, is that person. - Taylor Conroy, CEO, The Idea Collective



I cannot speak highly enough about Sheree. She has the keen ability to support you with writing your book in your own divine way, and taking off your plate how to reword, edit, and all the things that keep you stuck in the writing process. It was such a relief to know that I could put all my thoughts down and not be worried about how it sounded, knowing that she would help me make sense of it in a way that the reader would understand and relate to. She’s a story writing wizard!

She has the ability to take all of your brain and heart dumps and blend them together to flow, which for me was the hardest part about writing my book. Sheree comes in to ensure the authenticity of your voice and message doesn’t get lost in the pages, which is invaluable. Knowing that she always had my back and was there to support me and work her magic was such a blessing. 

During the process of writing my book, I had a ton of personal things come up. I had moments I wanted to put everything on hold, even quit. But Sheree held me accountable with love and we were able to pivot in a way that kept me moving forward with confidence and stay on track. The accountability piece was HUGE, and exactly what I needed! 

If you are considering working with Sheree, stop questioning it and just LEAP! Your book will get written in your words, so you can get it into the hands of people who need it most. - Amber Valdez, CEO, Life Purpose Cheerleader


Now, you’re probably wondering, how much is this gonna cost you.

First of all, let's reframe the language of this right now and see this as the investment that it is!

When you say YES to this course you’re going to have more opportunities to share your message, build more authority and credibility with your audience, and finally become the author you’ve always wanted to become!

But most importantly, you’re going to change more lives!

How much is that worth to you? I believe it’s invaluable.

As much as I love you, I don’t feel the need to justify the minimal investment considering all the years of experience I’ve got under my belt, the proven successes I have helped my clients achieve, and the massive knowledge-bombs I’m dropping within this course - all for you and the world we’re here to serve. 

So let’s just keep it real.

How many lives would you need to change for it to be worth making a $897 investment? 

Most of the time when people come to me to help them tell their story, they think it’s because they suck at writing. But really, it’s usually because they don’t have a plan to follow and are stuck at square one, paralyzed in inaction! Of course there are plenty of people that reallllllly need the accountability my coaching provides. While others legitimately don’t have the time to sit down and write a manuscript (that’s 40,000-60,000 words) and they need me to help them give their vision a voice and write their book baby for them.

No matter what’s been holding YOU back, you’re here now which tells me…

IT’S TIME!! And whether you know it or not, you’re ready, and this course is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

What I’m providing you within this course is an invitation to be brave with your life and do your part to make a difference in the world you’re living in. It’s a chance to create a better way for your children, and all the generations to follow. Not to mention, an opportunity to help others that need the wisdom you’ve got so they can evolve and become the best version of themselves while they’re here.

To me, that really is priceless.

Value = $1,997 

Your investment = $1,111 


Here are the most common questions aspiring authors ask me:

So... are you ready to invest in yourself so you can invest in the world?



Who is Sheree, anyway?

Placeholder Image

Hi, I’m Sheree. Wordsmith. Book Writing Mentor. Seasoned Ghostwriter. Empowerment Speaker. Lover of language. Big fan of humanity and making a difference. 

Fun Fact: I am a rebel at heart.

I’ve never had a corporate 9-5pm job, likely due to my rebellious spirit and the very real truth that I’m not a big fan of rules. I’ve been riding the entrepreneurial wave for nearly 20 years now, with plenty of bumps, but more joy than I can express.

From a young age, I used to write stories, most of which involved unicorns, living on the beach (sans pants), and ice cream. I nailed the beach life part, with an occasional froyo indulgence. I’ve yet to see an actual unicorn, unless of course you call being surrounded by deliciously magical humans unicorns in which case, totally nailed it. I'm super fortunate to have a solid tribe of world-changers in my circle, including my amazing clients!

After graduating highschool in a small farm town North of Seattle called Snohomish, I made my way South to gorgeous San Diego, CA for college, where I’ve lived ever since. Fast-forward a few years, through a traumatic event and a series of health issues, I found myself back in school to study holistic health and nutrition as a way to heal my body from within and share that info with others.

Through it all, writing was my safe place to come back to over and over again. Even to this day. 

I love being able to create from a place of love and purpose, and working with my clients to get their message into the hands and hearts of those that need it most.

I’ve written hundreds (or more) video scripts, as well as blog posts, emails, crafted some pretty stellar web copy and social captions, empowering speeches, book proposals to publishers, and I’ve been fortunate to ghostwrite multiple books for some of the most influential leaders in the health and personal development space. 

The greatest gift in the work that I do is seeing my clients excitement when their vision is finally given a voice. Whether I am ghostwriting a book or creating content to engage and support relationships with their audience, knowing that I am using my gifts to help elevate humanity and support others on their mission to do the same is a dream come true!

If you’re a thought-leader on a mission to change the world, and you need someone to help you tell your story, or simply give your vision a voice in order to connect with your audience through engaging, educational content, I gotchu!


Let's do this!

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